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What medical conditions qualify me for cannabis use in Maine?
Maine residents with at least one of the following debilitating medical conditions may ask their doctor for a recommendation for medical use of cannabis:
–      Cancer
–      Glaucoma
–      Positive status for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
–      Hepatitis C
–      ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
–      Crohn’s disease
–      Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease
–      Nail-patella syndrome
–      Intractable pain, or a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces             cachexia, severe nausea, seizures (such as those characteristic of epilepsy) or severe and persistent          
        muscle spasms (such as those characteristic of multiple sclerosis)
–      Chronic pain that has not responded to traditional treatments for 6 months or more.
–      PTSD

How can I become Qualifying Patient?
In Maine, any M.D., D.O. or C.N.P. can recommend cannabis for qualifying patients. Once your doctor has provided a certification, you may designate a Caregiver. For complete rules about how to designate a Caregiver click HERE .

I am visiting from out-of-state, can I purchase medicine from you?
A visiting qualifying patient (non Maine resident, out-of-state visitor) is a patient with a debilitating medical condition who is not a resident of Maine or who has been a resident of Maine less than 30 days, who is qualified by another jurisdiction for the medical use of cannabis.

A qualifying patient visiting Maine from another jurisdiction that authorizes the medical use of marijuana pursuant to a law or regulation of another state or political subdivision may engage in conduct authorized for a qualifying patient by these rules if the following 3 criteria are met:
  • Maine certification: The visitor shall possess a valid Maine-approved written physician certification form completed, signed and dated by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction treating physician.
  • The Maine Designation Form is avaible HERE.  Home-jurisdiction certification: The visitor shall possess a valid medical use of cannabis certification issued by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction. (If you are a Massachusetts resident, you must follow all of the Patient Registration Instructions  HERE .
  • Photographic identification: The visitor shall possess a valid photographic identification card or driver’s license issued by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction.